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Top Baby Names for 2016 From Spectrum Health
Spectrum Health just released their list of the top baby names for 2016, and the list of popular boys’ names underwent more changes in 2016 than an infant’s diapers.
Seven new names popped up in the top 10―including one with presidential gravitas.
Worst Baby Names for 2016
Well, it's that time of year again: time to announce the most popular baby names of the year.
Wait a minute, not so fast. This is a list we hear every year. It's nice, but boring. What about the rejects, the worst baby names that have been cast down on newborns as a possible lifelong curse?…
Spectrum Health Announces top Baby Names of 2015
There are some newcomers to Spectrum Health's top ten baby names for both girls and boys this year. Elizabeth, Evelyn and Natalie enter the top ten for girls. Levi, Grayson and Owen enter the top ten for boys.
See the full top ten lists from Spectrum Health.
Spectrum Health Releases West Michigan's Top Baby Names For 2014
What were the most popular baby names in West Michigan in 2014? Well, according to the birth records at Spectrum Health, Olivia and Noah were the most popular for boys and girls respectively.
This year, there are several newcomers to the girl’s list, including Avery, Ella and Nora. Some new boy names…
What Is In A Baby’s Name
Baby names. We got talking about crazy baby names at our weekend get together Saturday. Of all us parents, none of us took too much of a chance when it came to naming our kids. My son Braden's name was the most unusual. No special meaning behind his name, we just liked it...
Choosing Names For Your Baby
Asked the other day how Vanessa and I came up with names for our children... girl names were easy. Alana just sounded like a nice girl name. Boys names were difficult however, almost every name my wife suggested reminded me of someone I didn't like. It took us two days after Cameron was born to c…
West Michigan Baby Names
Couple days ago, Andy and I were talking about crazy celebrity baby names. You know the ones. Babyblu is Alicia Silverstone's baby name.
What about the rest of us. Isabella and Jacob remain the most popular names for babies in the U...

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