While I don't condone swearing in public, sometimes it's really hard not to let one fly! (Sorry, Mom). Well, what if dropping any sort of  **** bomb in public was actually a crime? Until recently, Pennsylvanians could be ticketed by police, fined, even serve jail time!

PHILADELPHIA - Firing off a few curse words can't be charged as a crime anymore in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania — at least when state police are involved.

State police have agreed to stop citing the public for cursing as part of a settlement Tuesday of a federal free-speech lawsuit.

The American Civil Liberties Union represents Pennsylvanians who have been ticketed for cursing at an overflowing toilet, a swerving motorcyclist and a parking ticket issuer.

The citations can lead to hundreds of dollars in fines and legal costs, not to mention the occasional jail stint.

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