Rodrick  Shonte Dantzler is dead.  The suspected murderer of seven people in Grand Rapids Thursday died of a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head, after he released two hostages he held on Rickman Street Northeast. Grand Rapids Police Chief Kevin Belk confirmed that Dantzler had taken his own life shortly after releasing the hostages from the home near Softwater Lake.  The hostages appear to be unharmed.  It was the end of a very tragic day in Grand Rapids. Earlier four bodies were found in the 1200 block of Brynell NE.  One was a child.  At a second home in the 200 block of Plainfield, three more bodies were found, including one child.  Police chased Dantzler thru the streets of downtown Grand Rapids and onto 131 northbound.  Dantzler's vehicle then wen eastbound on 96 -- and then without warning -- veared into the westbound lanes of 96, before  he left the vehicle and made his way to the house on Rickman street.

"We had hoped to end the situation peacefully and have the court system take care of this,"  Belk  said.  "But he (the suspect) choose a different route.  Why someone would kill seven people is something I can't answer."