Recently a married friend of mine said, "You know Kim, you really are a lot luckier not being married.  You're better off.  It's easier going through life not having to worry and consider another person."

I think that all depends.  I have always said, "There is nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone, and feeling lonely."  It's understandable to feel lonesome when you are alone, unattached.  But when you are in a relationship and you feel lonely, there is nothing else like it.

So when I started reading about this survey, well, I wondered.  I've always heard that the health benefits for men in love far outweigh the health benefits for women, but that may be shifting.  Recent studies show that yes, men are a lot better off married than their bachelor friends.  The study also shows that their wives are less likely to suffer from depression than the wives single girlfriends.   So I think what this all says is, it all depends on the quality of the relationship.  Is it give and take and is it a partnership?  Check out some of the things that can increase the health benefits in your love life!