Here it is, Sunday. So much to do, and so little time. When you look at it, you only have about 25 or 30 Sundays of decent weather before winter. At least in the cold months, we have the Detroit Lions. Ok, they haven't been much to watch...but this year will be different. The experts predict big things for our football future. If we have one.

The NFL's labor lockout could cost the sport a portion of its audience. Two-thirds of those taking part in a new Harris Poll say their interest in football this fall hasn't changed, and they'll tune in once the 2011 fall season begins even if it is delayed. However, 19-percent admit that because of the lockout they're less likely to watch the games this fall, and eleven-percent say they're "much less likely" to catch a game. Only four-percent are more inclined to tune in because of the lockout.

Men more than women seem to be turned off by the situation, as 22-percent of the guys compared to 16-percent of the women say the lockout has soured them on the upcoming football season. Older Americans are also less likely to begin watching a lockout-delayed football season. While just 12-percent of the adults under the age of 35 say they probably won't catch football games if the season is postponed, nearly 20-percent of those 35 to 55 and 25-percent of those over 55 are less likely to enjoy football this fall if the season gets off to a late start.