Scams seem to be taking over our lives. ATM's, gas pumps, phone scammers, the list goes on. And now, if your traveling this summer, here's a new one to watch out for.

So you're traveling this summer, and staying in a hotel or motel. Here is the LATEST scam and it would be SO easy to fall for this...

Ever find a flier from a restaurant that will deliver to your room pushed under your door? Of course, we all have, and it looks so easy. Well, before you order, call the front desk to confirm the restaurant and phone number are real. Or Google the number and restaurant.

Scammers have created fake fliers to trick hotel guests into calling so they can steal their credit card info! Really? Yep, really!

The restaurant is real, the menu is real, you call and order, not knowing the phone number is a direct line to a scammer.

You order, give all your CC info, no food arrives, but your account is drained!

Maybe this helps you prevent a vacation disaster.

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