Everybody wants faster internet speeds, especially on their smart phones.  For people in rural areas, that may be their only choice for home internet.  A new law will help service providers move to new technologies, including 5G.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on Wednesday signed Senate Bill 894, a measure sponsored by Battle Creek Republican State Senator Mike Nofs.  The law will help enable wireless technology providers to increase their capacity and lay the groundwork for future technologies, such as 5G.

The law will enable “small cell” technology companies to increase their coverage and capacity.

“Small cells” are small, low-powered cellular antennas that enhance wireless networks. Small cell technologies are expected to lay the groundwork for future technologies such as the highly anticipated fifth generation of mobile communication networks (“5G”) and autonomous, connected automobiles.

“Our technological world is becoming increasingly interconnected all the time, with 5G promising a great leap forward in speed and capacity,” said Nofs, R-Battle Creek. “This legislation provides a critical framework for innovations that will propel investment in our state.”

The bills reduce permitting restrictions and cap fees for small cell technologies.  Nofs said this will enable expansion in the industry.

“There has been explosive growth in the amount of data utilized on wireless networks, and there is a critical need for additional infrastructure to support interconnected communities,” Nofs said. “This will drive economic development and investment across the state.”


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