I tried to get Randy Finch on the air with me the week his show was going to debut but he was already in Hollywood for the BIG Premiere show party.  I had the feeling that I had to get this guy before he gets too big.  I got him in the studio with me the following week and that was cool. 

One of the nicest guys around.  I first met him at ArtPrize inside the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art Building on Sheldon.  Saw one of his masterpieces too.  It was done with ice that he actually carved to look like tree bark.  How he crafted that piece of ice to replicate tree bark is beyond me.  It was the right shade, tone, and texture of bark and that just boggled my mind.  During this interview I said, "Randy, you know what I'd like to see.  I'd like to see you do a baby grand piano or grand piano."  He said, "Did it!"  Sure enough he did, on last weeks episode.  West Michigan's Matt Giraud stopped by and even played the ice keys.  It was CRAZY.  Ice Brigade airs tonight, on Thursdays, at 10pm, on the Food Network.  This is worth watching or recording.  Always topping himself.  No one can compare.  Wishing Randy and his crew all the best on this whirlwind ride!!!!!  Where will it take you next?  Hopefully to a second season!

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