Whoever wished for snow certainly got their wish.

Sledding Girl - Expressing Joy

This week West Michigan was hit with its first major snowstorm of 2022.

Irina Igumnova
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Grand Rapids and many inland areas received around 6-12" of snow accumulation.
Along the lakeshore, some areas reported up to 20" of snow accumulation.

Steve Mason/Getty Images

During the snowstorm, the roads were terrible to drive on Part of northbound US-131 closed in Kent County after a semi jackknifed.

Let It Snow: Here's What The Snowfall Looked Like Across West Michigan

This past week West Michigan got hit with a major winter storm. Grand Rapids and inland areas received on average 6-12" of snow while the lakeshore received 12"-20" of snow. These are some pictures send in by listeners across West Michigan.

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