This weekend concludes National Singles and Unmarried Week. Andy and I have been talking about couples this week on WTRV FM. We asked listeners if they were "single and loving it" or "single and looking."

Interestingly, the calls were pretty much even.

What started during the 1980s to celebrate "single life and recognize singles and their contributions to society" is now widely observed every third week of September. And with over 99.6 million unmarrieds in America.

In an era when finding love on the Internet is becoming more of a common alternative, it's no surprise that more and more singles are resorting to easily accessible dating sites when it comes to looking for romance. One of the latest dating sites to hit search engines is BetterDate, a site that solely caters to singles ages 50 and older.

Chinese couples worried about the ‘7-year itch’ can now plan a reminder of their love by posting a letter to their future selves. Beijing Post is offering to store letters and deliver them after 7 years, part of a series of romantic services recently introduced. Customers can also buy special stamps, postmarks, postcards, envelopes and even a ‘Love Passport’, which can be stamped every anniversary. The post office says it came up with the services not just to expand business but also to offer the public another way to express their love.