"Restricted" tickets are becoming more common at concerts across Michigan.

Restricted tickets can only be used by the person who bought them.  The cannot be resold.  They cannot be given as gifts.

Should restricted concert tickets be banned in Michigan?

There are even more restrictions on "restricted" tickets.

Restricted tickets must be picked up at the venue with the credit card used to purchase them and the purchaser must have a photo ID.

Last year, 8 major concerts in Michigan used restricted tickets.  Kid Rock's upcoming April 3 show at Van Andel Arena went on sale last weekend, some of the tickets sold were restricted.

Fans who have restricted tickets and run into unforeseen scheduling conflicts could end up with tickets that they can't use, can't sell, and can't even give away.

Large ticket companies claim that restrictive ticketing protects consumers from deceitful scalpers, but in reality it’s a way for them to tighten control over the ticket market and strip fans’ ownership rights.

There are currently bills in the Michigan House and Michigan Senate which would ban "restricted" tickets.

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