Billboards have been getting a lot of attention lately, partly because it seems like the majority of them are advertising for marijuana dispensaries.

And whenever billboards are being talked about, people always ask the question: "Should billboards be banned?" Right now, the four states that currently ban billboards are Hawaii, Alaska, Vermont, and Maine. And if you've ever driven through one of those states, then you definitely know that the lack of billboards makes the scenery that much more beautiful.

Michigan has a beautiful landscape and many people think that it shouldn't be marred with billboards as you drive along the freeway. But, on the other hand, billboards do serve as a way for businesses to advertise to local clients. There are many more arguments for and against billboards as well.

Arguments for banning billboards:

  • Less distractions for drivers
  • You can enjoy the natural beauty of the state better
  • Unmarred landscapes promote tourism
  • Removes controversial public advertising

Arguments against banning billboards:

  • Businesses lose brand awareness
  • Local businesses lose a way interact with community
  • Cities lose out on tax revenue from billboards
  • Removing existing billboards costs a lot of money

Some other arguments against banning billboards:

  • I won't know where all the dispensaries are located
  • I won't know which exit the next McDonald's is at
  • Mary Free Bed won't go viral with confusing advertisements

Let us know what you think about billboards in Michigan. Should we allow them, or ban them?

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