By now everyone has seen (and heard) that large fireworks are available in Michigan for the first time this year.

Fireworks sales have increased, but so has the potential for danger.  The size of the new fireworks combined with our dry conditions is causing many to become concerned.

Should fireworks be temporarily banned in Michigan due to our dry conditions?

Many communities have taken to banning the new large fireworks due to noise concerns.  That's a separate issue, definitely worth debating.  The concern now is different.

Fireworks have been blamed or suspected in multiple fires around the state.  The current dry conditions can make it very risky for even the most responsible person to safely set-off large fireworks. reports that Governor Rick Snyder is considering an open-burning ban which could include fireworks:

Hot, dry weather in many parts of the state have Gov. Rick Snyder’s office considering an open-burning ban that could include fireworks as the calendar approaches Independence Day. Fire officials in West Michigan this week were briefed on what one chief characterized as “very preliminary” discussions on a ban that potentially could include both private and community fireworks displays.

A spokeswoman for Snyder said the governor likely will not order a ban by July 4.

A ban after July 4th could still have a large impact.  Some communities have placed a ban on fireworks except for on and around holidays, but not all have.  And we all know from past experience that leftover 4th of July fireworks often linger for weeks after the holiday.

Noise is one thing.  Risk of fire is completely different.  I found a used fireworks shell, courtesy of a careless neighbor, by the bushes next to our house a couple of days ago.  Dry conditions or not, that should never happen.  The dry conditions just make it more concerning.

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