Isn't it a bit overwhelming to try to keep up with technology today. Even the most astute of us are finding it difficult. Smart phones, iPads, e-readers, etc., etc., etc!


You know you must try, in some way, to keep up, but, to a point. At least, for those of us 'left behind,' we need to try to move into the 21st century.

Senior citizens would probably fall into the 'left behind' category. The world is so fast paced that it's not uncommon for seniors to get lost in the ever changing world of technology.

So, there is some good news. This week dozens of seniors are getting high-tech help during the Senior TechRALLY in Grand Rapids.

It's a two day workshop designed to help seniors overcome their fears and reluctance of using modern technology and also to help them get and stay connected.

They'll get instruction and tutorials on the basics of text messaging, photo sharing, video calling and much more to hopefully make life a little easier and a little more fulfilling.

The two day workshop is going on now, Thursday, October 27th between noon and 5 p.m. and Friday, October 28th from 9a.m. to noon at Covenant Village of the Great Lakes at 2510 Lake Michigan Drive NW in Grand Rapids.

We can only hope that if successful, there will be more. Hey, I may join in, too.