Everyone loves something for FREE! And now you can send free postcards to friends and family to help increase tourism in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area.

Now through Saturday, October 31st, you can send free,personalized postcards in the mail through the Experience Grand Rapids website.

It's a pretty easy process...

Once you are on the website, just choose the postcard design you like. There are three different designs...one featuring the city of Grand Rapids skyline and the Grand River, another featuring Beer City U.S.A., and the a third design showing off our beautiful Lake Michigan beaches.

Then, write a personalized message and provide the address for you and who you are sending the postcard to. Experience Grand Rapids will take care of the printing and postage

This free service is a part of the Postcards from Grand Rapids campaign that encourages residents to invite friends and family to visit West Michigan. Participants will be eligible to enter for a chance to win overnight stays at partner hotels.

According to Kate Lieto, director of marketing for Experience Grand Rapids. “Nearly 50% of travelers who come to the area are visiting friends and family. We’re calling on locals to invite their loved ones and to help boost our local economy.”

To send free postcards with personalized messages, visit PostcardsFromGR.com.

Just make sure you send the free postcards to people you actually want to come visit you!

I think it's cool that people still send postcards. I remember as a child getting so excited if I received a postcard from a relative that was traveling. I wish I had saved all those things.



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