What could be more fun in downtown Grand Rapids than touring historical crime spots?  It sounds exciting to me just as it did to the folks who came up with the idea, GR Crime Tours! And, they're on!

Fox 17 reported that with our ability to get outside during the pandemic and enjoy Grand Rapids safely, all of us are looking for things to do. So, why not take a downtown guided walking tour and journey into our city's darker history. Oooooo! And, of course, enjoy some of the best food and drink in West Michigan.

Eirann Betka-Pope, one of the tour guides taking groups through the city for real-life frights, says the idea started coming together after Grand Rapids announced their social zones concept.

Eirann Betka-Pope said, "the tour includes a lot of drink stops along the way, and it stays within the outdoor refreshment zones in Grand Rapids."

The great thing is you can take a drink along with you the entire tour and stop along the way to get a couple more. The tour features over a dozen stories of crime, mystery, and urban legends, and you'll go back in time to a buzzing River City whose brick streets cover some ominous secrets. Yikes!

In case you didn't know, the City of Grand Rapids recently announced that these social zones would remain in place until at least May 2021. Folks are able to move freely within the zones with drinks and food. They were created in an attempt to give customers more space downtown to eat and drink, and to stay as COVID safe as possible.

You can book your place on one of their 2 hour, approximately 2 mile long, guided tour at their website HERE for only $20.

They also have shorter tours, running about an hour and a half, for just $10.



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