We haven't been this cold in a few years.  It's bitterly cold, and with the cold comes problems for some to keep the heat on.  There are many out there just trying to keep their head above water and keep up with their utility bills.  But, alas, many cannot and are facing having their utilities shut off.

That's where the Salvation can help.  They can assist single adults and families keep the heat on.

Major Bob Mueller, The Salavation Army Kent County Coordinator, told me, “whenever an individual or a family faces a utility shut off it usually points to some larger issues."  He added that the Salvation Army will address these issues with utility assistance and a needs assessment and individualized case planning.

Over the years, The Salvation Army has seen that energy assistance and assessment,  not only works but also shows significant efficiency in terms of preventing the worsening of other conditions for individuals and families in need. All emergency services provided by The Salvation Army impact the household budget which in turn impacts the client’s ability to manage the next month’s energy bills.

Over 600 households received assistance last year and they anticipate the need to be at least that level this year.

You can reach The Salvation Army on line at http://www.salvationarmyusa.org., or call 616-459-3433