Whoopi Goldberg performed at Ford Fieldhouse Friday night!  No big surprise for anyone who watches The View as regularly as I do!  So many time I just want to say to the television, "Tell em Whoop!  What do you really think!"  But being daytime television, I know her hands are tied to a great extent.

Well, her hands weren't tied and her mouth wasn't taped shut for Friday's appearance at Ford Fieldhouse Friday night.  I tuned in Monday to hear what she had to say, but she must have been home recovering from Friday's show, as she was absent.

I heard all about her performance from friends who were present at the Ford Fieldhouse and   mLive.com also reported on it as well.

She made it clear that she really doesn't care much for Rush Limbaugh's on Sandra Fluke.  She went on to say, “You’re not funny dude. You’re not a comic. You can disagree with her, but you don’t get to call her a slut.  You don’t have the right. Only comics do.”  The crowd broke into applause.

Another funny line she had was an observation she made on that Michigan lottery winner who won the lotto but wanted to continue to collect welfare.  She said, “You own two houses and you’re getting welfare too? I’m moving here!”

In her 63 minute routine she covered a range of topics that included parenting, pornography, politics and puberty before taking audience questions.

What Whoopi is good at, is reading an audience.  She said she had been warned beforehand about bringing her act to the Midwest.  She quickly tested the water a bit, with some four letter words and was welcomed warmly.

There was a quick mention about the late President Gerald R. Ford too.  She said she liked Jerry, and loved his old lady.  She said Betty was like, “Here’s me. If you don’t like it, f--- you.”

Whoopi does have a way with words doesn't she.  I kind of wish she could be more of who she is on The View too.  But it is daytime television, so I guess there are boundaries.  Maybe one day we will have an uncensored, online version of The View.  She's a funny lady....censored and uncensored.


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