For those who love Rose's Restaurant on Reeds Lake, but don't feel like waiting, always had the option of going to Rose's Express, a takeout place located in the Gaslight Village of East Grand Rapids.

Rose's Express doesn't serve the full menu that Rose's does but foodies are able to get delicious wood-fired pizzas to-go and some Mediterranean and Italian food. However, Rose's has closed the place, which they say is only temporary. The unfortunate news was shared on their Facebook page earlier this week, and said it was due to limited staff.

Rose's is owned by the Gilmore Collection and on their website, "Rose's Express" is no linger listed in the restaurants section; despite them saying this isn't a long-term decision.

While the news is a bummer for those who liked having that option, it's good to know that the actual restaurant isn't going anywhere, so if you ask me, it's worth taking a gamble on the wait-time to experience good food and good vibes.

Rose's Restaurant is located at 550 Lakeside Dr. SE in Grand Rapids.

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Recently, three new businesses opened in the Gaslight district. All are located on Wealthy St. SE.

  • Agate & Herb - a small boutique selling gifts such as candles, jewelry, vases, etc.
  • Bagel Kitchen - boiled and handmade bagel shop
  • Fromage - gourmet boutique and gift store selling foods like cheese, spreads, spices, wine, etc.

The city celebrated the new local shops with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday.


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