Despite a solid run in the competition, tonight, 'Dancing With the Stars' season 12 bid adieu to rapper Romeo, just one week before the semi-finals.

The 21-year-old, who received a standing ovation from the judges after he was eliminated, expressed mixed - but ultimately upbeat - thoughts on Tuesday's results.

"I'm surprised, because that was one of my best dances last night," he said. "But at the same, time I'm not surprised ... Anybody could go at any time."

"This show has changed my life forever ... I didn't dance at my own prom. I turned down a lot of movies because I was terrified of dancing," he added.

Also in jeopardy tonight was actor Ralph Macchio, whose knee injury led him to receive the lowest scores from the judges on Monday.

Sound off: Do you think Romeo deserved to be eliminated? Or should it have been somebody else?

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