In the spirit of winning another Calder Cup...hint, hint, hint, the city of Rockford has announced it is only prudent that they now be called "Griffinville." Sounds crazy, huh? 

The Grand Rapids Griffins made it to the next round of playoffs for the American Hockey League's Calder Cup, and are playing the Rockford (Illinois) Ice Hogs for the Western Conference Semifinals crown.

So, Michigan's city of Rockford, Griffin fans all the way, unanimously voted to change their name to Griffinville, but just for the next two weeks during the playoffs.

There is some irony here as this is the second name change in the history of Rockford. The city was founded as the village of Laphamville in 1856, but changed their name in 1865 on the suggestion of a newly arrived resident after the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad Company urged the village's residents to adopt a shorter name. Where was this new resident from? Rockford, Illinois! So, Laphamville became Rockford, Michigan.

Grand Rapids Griffins/City of Rockford
Grand Rapids Griffins/City of Rockford

City Manager, Michael Young said, "given the high stakes of the Calder Cup Playoffs and our city's ardent support of the Griffins, the last thing we want is for anyone to confuse us with or namesake in Illinois. This change," he said, "will remain in effect until May 20, or the conclusion of the Griffins-IceHogs series. We hope they 'Bring it Back'!"

Here is more fun. The new "Griffinville" City Council has created a Facebook page.

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