I love this guy!  He's the Pastor Of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan.  He is an innovative speaker who causes some kind of reaction.  Positive or negative but never neutral.   It's been along time since this many people have been talking about heaven and hell.  The debate!  If anything Rob will get yout thinking.  He will incite you.  And will always provoke thought.  That's my favorite way to describe him.  He was facinating to talk to and is one of those guys that the more you listen the more he makes you think.  You may not change your mind about anything that you believe in but he gives you a cchance to flex the brainiac muscle a bit more than normal.  I think that's good.  He might even get you thinking about what you believe and how strongly you believe it, or otherwise.  Rob was most certainly one of my favorite people to interview and I have interviewed a lot of them.

It was announced today that his story will "grace" the cover of TIME Magazine!  I am impressed:)  Happy I got to talk to him before he became too famous for me.  For the next four weeks I will be talking with Pastor Rob Bell on Faith Hope & Love Songs, Sunday morning 9-11am EST, and Sunday evening 7-9pm EST.  Listen online too at www.rivergrandrapids.com Rob is real good at prying closed brains open.  Good words to share.  Talk to you then!


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