Many will remember the tornado that devastated parts of Portage in Southwest Michigan. That same storm system was responsible for a lightning strike many miles southwest of Portage that set fire to and burned the Ramona Roller Rink to the ground.

The roller rink was a staple of Sister Lakes, a resort community located between Dowagiac and Benton Harbor.

The storm hit on May 7th. It was that evening the family who owns the Ramona Roller Rink posted on social media that while they were without words at the total loss of the roller rink, however, their pressing concern was for a pet cat, Nugget, who lived at the rink. They shared, "we have not seen Nugget so far but if he did manage to get out of the building and you see him, please let us know! We are desperate to know! He is probably scared and confused."

In the days that followed the fire as clean up efforts were underway and the community rallied with fundraisers, the family posted periodic updates about Nugget reporting they had set traps and continued to hope for his return.

It was on the evening on May 20, a full 13 days after the storm and fire, they shared that Nugget did not survive, We have such sad news. We have located Nugget and he did not make it. Good bye my sweet big boy. And laterThis has not been a good day today. We laid Nugget to rest in a special place out by the rink. We are glad we had closure but also sad that we had hoped he survived. 

It was just a few months earlier that the Ramona Roller Rink held a birthday party for Nugget and raised $300 for the Paws of Hope animal rescue.

The online fundraising effort for the Ramona Roller Rink is here.

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