Students at PS22 in Staten Island paid tribute to the late, great Whitney Houston by singing a beautifully touching rendition of one of the belter’s biggest ballads, ‘The Greatest Love of All.’


While most people associate Houston with the record-breaking, chart-topping smash ‘I Will Always Love You,’ her earliest signature hit was this anthem about learning to love yourself. So it’s particularly poignant for a bunch of young children (who performed for CNN’s Piers Morgan) to absorb these powerful lyrics.

The boys and girls sound like absolute cherubs, with both a male and female soloist — Kahlil and Kiarah respectively — singing over these full, angelic harmonies. K + K had little time to prepare, but you’d never guess it from how beautifully they sang. They have a veteran-like control of their powerful voices.

The seated members of the choir sway back and forth in unison and put their hands over their hearts while singing. Their expressive gestures are simple and keep in line with the accessible beauty of the song.

Whitney Houston’s legacy lives on, thanks to her music and touching renditions of it, such as this one.

Watch PS22 Perform ‘The Greatest Love of All’