Battle Creek, Michigan, is of course America's Cereal City. Not only is it famously the corporate home of Kellogg's, there are plants that produce Kellogg's, Post and private label cereal products.

The industry is intertwined in the city's history and current identity. The city often smells tantalizingly sweet based on the cereal product being made that day.

The city's two large employers pair up for a benefit sale where all proceeds benefit the United Way of South Central Michigan.

The 2024 Cereal Sale happens on June 7, a Friday, from 3:00 until 5:30 - or until all cereal is sold out at the downtown Festival Market Square in Battle Creek.

Both Post Consumer Brands and WK Kellogg Co (the current corporate names of the companies making cereal in Battle Creek) will be offering cereal for just $2 a box. The public has a limit of 5 boxes each.

Festival Market Square is at 25 McCamly Street in the shadow of the Kellogg corporate headquarters. In fact, want to know just how Kelloggs Battle Creek is? Festival Market Square is a great indicator. The site sandwiched between the Kellogg headquarters to the north, Kellogg Arena to the south and Kellogg Community Credit Union to the east.

If you're curious on where the cereal actually is made in town, take a drive along the I-94 Business Loop east of downtown and you'll pass the Post factory while a curve northeast on Porter Street takes you straight to Kellogg. Should you visit, put your nose in the air and see if you can smell what's being cooked up that day.

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