It's Friday, PopCrushers, and you know what that means: Time for the latest installment of the PopCrush Mini-Mix! PopCrush Mini-Mix 20 features remixed tracks from Ariana Grande, Paramore, OneRepublic and more. What are you waiting for? Turn it up!

The mix starts in on the EDM vibe immediately, laying down a thumping, fast-paced beat that soon slows down into a more mellow version of Afrojack's 'Ten Feet Tall.' The pace then kicks up a little with a slightly sped-up remix of Paramore's 'Ain't It Fun,' and to answer the band's question -- yes, it is. Just listen for yourself!

Next up is Nico & Vinz's 'Am I Wrong,' a PopCrush Mini-Mix staple. This time, it's been reworked with a sick futuristic sound in the background, giving it a totally modern feel. The Clean Vibes' 'Rather Be' keeps the outer space-like vibe goin', and we can't get enough of the addictive electronic beats.

The playlist then leads into one of our favorite tunes, OneRepublic's 'Love Runs Out,' which always pushes the Mini-Mix to the next level, with its steady (and endlessly catchy beat!) And we couldn't imagine a more perfect song to end the mix with than the Ariana Grande/Zedd track, 'Break Free,' which perfectly encompasses everything we love about pop-EDM crossovers.

Check out the track list below, and listen to PopCrush Mini-Mix 20 above!

Afrojack - 'Ten Feet Tall (David Guetta Remix)'
Paramore - 'Ain't it Fun'
Nico & Vinz - 'Am I Wrong'
Clean Bandits - 'Rather Be'
OneRepublic - 'Love Runs Out'
Ariana Grande feat. Zedd - 'Break Free'

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