This is the best news I've had in a long time, Popcorn is back at the movies!

Celebration Cinema is now able to reopen the concession stands and serve popcorn, and other treats that we can actually eat in the theater! Be still my heart!

Okay, I am a huge popcorn fan, and going to the movies and having a bucket/bag of popcorn just makes that movie sweeter. But, because of COVID-19 and the closing of restaurants and bars, movie theatres were closed also. However, they were allowed to reopen a couple of weeks ago, but still not allowed to serve food and treats. Now they can as bars and restaurants are able to reopen. Hooray!

As of yesterday, Studio Park, in downtown Grand Rapids is serving popcorn and treats. This Thursday, Celebration North and Rivertown will begin. Celebration South remains closed, and the Studio C folks hope to have that theater complex opened soon.

As they say now, "We're Crying Tears of Real Butter and Joy!"


Courtesy Studio C
Courtesy Studio C


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