The next time you're craving something spicy there's a new restaurant that'll heat up your taste buds.

City Built Brewing, in Downtown G.R., has opened a Creole pop-up restaurant in their kitchen called Li Grand Zombi. Their Facebook page says it's the "alter ego" to City Built and the food consist of dishes you'd find in Louisiana.

...where West African, French, Spanish and Haitian influences meet.

With all of these inspirations it only makes sense that their tagline is "Where Cultures Collide." City Built's head chef told GRBJ that after traveling to New Orleans he was eager to come back home and implement the techniques he learned and the food he ate.

Types of food you can expect include jambalaya, po'boys, gumbo, and more. However, different than most restaurants, Li Grand Zombi will offer one menu item at a time and change it every week. Their first item will be what you see pictured. According to City Built's Facebook page it's a

...delectable house-made and house-smoked spicy andouille sausage served with red beans and rice. Also includes house-made cornbread with a serrano-garlic honey butter and a side of fried okra.

This meal feeds two and only costs $22 which is a heck of a deal for some homemade dinner, and still a great deal if you're eating for one because that just means leftovers!

New items will be featured every Wednesday on social media.

If you're curious where the restaurant's name came from, Li Grand Zombi is a sacred serpent worshipped by voodooists. Oooh, creepy. Makes it feel Creole-official.

Li Grand Zombi is officially open for business and will be available for take-out and delivery through GrubHub, DoorDash, and UberEats from 3p-8p on Thursday's and 3p-10p on Friday & Saturday's.

City Built Brewing has reopened to the public with some changes including required face masks (unless you're at your table), first-come first-serve on the patio, no reservations, and a maximum group size of eight people. Get more info here.

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