Little Caesars "Hot-N-Ready" slogan is taking on a new image. It's going to be Reserve-N-Ready, and you'll get your pizza out of a vending machine, seriously. While it's still being tested in selected markets, they plan to roll it out in other markets soon.

Okay, this isn't your typical vending machine thingy. It's Little Caesars attempt to make ordering and picking up your pizza and crazy bread, gotta have crazy bread, easier.

Here's the deal. Customers place an order and pre-pay via the Little Caesars mobile app. The app will notify the customer when the order is ready. When the customer arrives at the store, they skip the line and go directly to the Pizza Portal and input a 3-digit pin or scan a QR code. Then, the door on the customer’s secured compartment opens, and they take their hot, fresh order.

Hmmmm, why not just walk up to the counter to get your pizza? Are we in such a hurry that we can't take a minute to talk to a real person?

I'm still waiting for the Little Caesars drone to stop by my house.


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