Michigan's Lower Peninsula is, of course, famously shaped like a mitten. A mitten is different than a glove. Gloves have slots of each finger while mittens cover the full 4 fingers in one. So that's why we have a Thumb region in Michigan but no other 'finger regions.'

Some folks in Northwest Michigan are trying, however, to make the Pinky Region a thing.

It's not. No matter what anyone in and around Leelanau County tells you.

The Gander Newsroom recently ran a feature on unique foods in the 'Pinky Region,' specifically highlighting the Chubby Mary, an absolutely disgusting bloody mary garnished with a dead fish.

It's the first time I've seen 'Pinky Region' in print. Digging a little deeper, a few bloggers have tried to throw out this concept. The Leelanau County Visitor's Guide also throws out the Pinky term a bit.

By that logic, Mackinaw City is the middle finger while Alpena would be on the pointer finger.

As someone from Michigan's wrist, just stop. The Thumber gets a special region and the rest of us are in the Mitten.

It's likely not the name of the region that would cause someone to leave Michigan. But for those who decide to become expatriate Michiganders, here's where they go the most:

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