Think back (in some of our cases WAY back) to when you were a kid. One of the best things in the world was getting on your bike and exploring your neighborhood or town with your friends.

One boy in Sparta was doing just that on Wednesday when the worst thing happened (think back, again, this really was the worst thing that could happen when riding your bike): the boy's jeans got caught in the chain on his bike.

After pushing the boy on his bike from "the bridge" to the Sparta Library, his friend went in to ask for help. While the folks at the library couldn't help him, they knew exactly who could - the people at Roger's Hardware.

A quick phone call later, "the little boy was set free and his jeans were rubber banded, the old fashioned way."

This really is a testament to the greatness of small towns. In fact, Sparta's town motto is "What a neighborhood should be," and it's spot on.

Kudos to you, Sparta Library, and especially to the folks at Roger's Hardware who helped that little boy overcome a bad day.