In these pandemic days, it's been proven that, yes, we are drinking more, stress related. And, we're watching more TV because we're forced to stay at home so much of the time. It's interesting, because we're finding out that these two things pair together very well!

We all know about pairing wine or beer with food, but do you pair them with what you’re watching on TV? Actually, yes, and more so than with food!

A new survey I found on the website SWMS Digital, 90% of respondents said they don’t worry about what wine goes with what when it comes to food, saying they’re more concerned with what tastes good to them. But they do pair their wine with their viewing habits. Yep, 63% of those surveyed said they are more likely to pair wine with what they’re watching than what they’re eating. I think that's amazing!

So, how do you think you compare to the results? 43% said they prefer white wine when watching a sitcom, but choose red when they’re tuning in to a reality show (42%) or a drama (39%). When it comes to documentaries, 30% went with red, 22% grabbed a white wine, and 21% went with a rose.

So, what about food? The days of “properly” pairing wine with your food are over, according to new research. 90% said it’s more important to find a wine that tastes good to them rather than following the rules of wine pairings.

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And, they said they are feeling classier, as 69% said taking more time for self-care has left them feeling like a new person. That classier feeling led them to watch a documentary, cook the perfect steak dinner and buy a nice bottle of wine they normally wouldn’t purchase, and have a romantic date night with their significant other.


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