After a pretty intense back and forth between the State of Michigan and a barber in Owosso who opened his shop up against the Governor's orders, state regulators may have delivered the final blow.

77-year-old Karle Manke had opened his shop about a week ago after he claimed he needed the income because his unemployment and stimulus checks never arrived.  The Michigan Militia even showed up to protect the business owner from being arrested if State Police were instructed to do so.

The battle over the barber shop even resulted in a court case where the judge declared that he would not sign the restraining order against Manke after his shop opening was labeled "an imminent danger to public health."  Manke still faces multiple fines of upwards of $1,000, but he now has a chance to argue his case in court.

But, that's not where the battle ends.  After the judge refused to sign the order, state officials decided to take another path to shutting Manke's barber shop down.  State regulators announced today that they have suspended Manke's barber and shop licenses, making his business illegal to run.

It is unclear if Manke will continue to run his business, or if he will wait until barber shops are officially allowed to reopen.

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