Driving around Michigan it's common to see drivers who have licence plates celebrating colleges and universities in Michigan. No surprise that places supporting the University of Michigan and Michigan State lead the way. (Central Michigan Univerity is the 3rd most popular college plate in the state, by the way - take that Western.)

But you may be very surprised if you were travelling out of state to see licence plates from other states that are honouring Michigan universities. Indeed they do exist. There are 6 states other than Michigan that have license plates for either Michigan State and/or the University of Michigan.

Check out these out-of-state plates made for Michigan ex-pats and fans.

It's interesting that some states have only Michigan State (Georgia) while others (NY, NJ and VA) have only the University of Michigan. Pennsylvania and Texas have plates for both - note PA's U of M plate isn't shown below, the state's website did not have an image of that plate.

Out of State Official Licence Plates Honoring Michigan State and the University of Michigan

Many states other than Michigan offer official licence plates for Michigan State and the University of Michigan.

How to Get an Out Of State Michigan or Michigan State Plate?

Unless you're deciding to move away from Michigan, you don't have much of a chance to get one of these places unless you can find one for sale on eBay. Virginia is an exception - the state allows anyone to purchase a souvenir plate for $10 - and an additional $10 to personalize it. Of course, you couldn't legally use it, but it would be an item few other fans would have.

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