Across the 50 United States and DC, there are a whopping 8,291 different license plates available to drivers. Michigan drivers may think they have a multitude of choices when they explore their options with the Secretary of State. But you might be surprised to learn that Michigan, with 73 plate choices is actually on the low end of license plate offerings.

Beautiful Public Data did the math and added up those 8.291 different tag options. At the top of the list is Maryland. The Old Line State has a whopping 989 different options for your ride. Second place is Texas with 476, Pennsylvania's 425, Virginia with 335 then Georiga's 315 options. All of those states - TX, PA, VA and GA have Michigan-themed license plates.

Hawaii has the fewest plate options with just 14. Wyoming has 39 while Nebraska and Alaska offer 44. Michigan's 73 options are on the low side, just 16 states have fewer options. Most states offer 100-300 license plates.

What Kind Of License Plates Are Michgian Missing?

Michigan has some standard categories as other states - just fewer of them. We have the following categories:

Military - a standard offering many states also have.

Colleges - but only state schools. Other states offer non-public schools and out-of-state schools, like the states that offer U of M and MSU plates.

Charity - We have some like breast cancer awareness, animal and environmental causes and sports teams. Michigan's 16 in this category are far below what many other states offer.

What else is Michigan missing? Generally, it's rich designs. Take a look at this listing of what Road and Track says are the 18 best license plate designs in America and you'll see what Michigan is missing.

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