The WDR Symphony Orchestra adds a much-needed touch of class to flash mobs by rapidly convening in a square in Germany and serenading the assembled crowd with a piece of music. Of course, their decision to play the 'Star Wars' theme makes the whole thing border on geeky, but we're okay with that.

A single trumpet player sets up shop in the middle of Wallraf Square in Cologne and begins to play the instantly-recognizable theme from the 1977 sci-fi classic. Suddenly, he's joined by a full brass and percussion section located in an adjacent building. Then, violinists and a harpist suddenly add themselves to the mix down on the street.

In the end, the orchestra plays a rendition of John Williams' score that's nearly indistinguishable from the original. Meanwhile, slightly confused (but amused) spectators look on and record the event with their smartphones. Here's hoping they enjoyed themselves, because flash mobs usually don't get any better than this.

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