On January 1, 2011 Oprah Winfrey will launch her very OWN Network!  Here's where you can find it!

Providers & Carriers listed below are for Grand Rapids viewers and for the surrounding areas.

AT & T Uverse: Channel 256

Charter:  Channel 113

Comcast; Channel 103

DirectTV: Channel 279

Dish Network: Channel 189

Nova Cable Management: Channel 64 & Channel 103

Oprah's Network OWN will be moving to where you formerly found the Discovery Health Channel.  She says her programming will be and will always be something uplifting, something that builds and does not tear down.  I want to work with her:-)  ps If you watch the day of they will be doing a whole build up to the launch.  Set the DVR & TiVo.  Do you want to know more?


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