Forget the Royal Wedding!  Someone should have done an "Oprah Final Show Watching Party" at Celebration Cinema.  Wednesday, May 25th is her last show on network television.  Be sure to TiVo it because it will be on everyone's tongue Thursday morning.  (Oprah's exit interview with the Chicago Tribune from May 20, 2011

These last shows that Oprah has been doing have been star studded, emotional and fun filled.  Yesterday it was Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Madonna, Beyonce', Josh Grobin, Patti LaBelle,  Halle Berry, Katie Holmes, the little girl who can sing like no one else, and Dakota Fanning,  just to name a few. 

This woman has been on top of her game, internationally, for the past 25 years.  That in itself is an accomplishment; not to mention the hundreds of thousands who spent their afternoon with her daily for wisdom, companionship and even comfort at time.  Oprah, you will be missed BUT we can get even more of you on OWN.