It's common when driving across state lines to see the Welcome sign for the new state. Many times they're popular picture stops on long trips.

This oddity, which appears on Google Maps appears to show an absurd 'Welcome Toe To Ohioo' message.

If only it were real every Michigander would be racing there to see about that silly state down south.

Welcome Toe To Ohioo

However, the sign you see above is not one you'll find in real life. It's an optical illusion of Google Street View. More correctly, it's a stitching error. Google stitches together many, many photos when putting Street View together and sometimes they just don't line up quite right. And that's the case here. You see two photos laced together but the stitching didn't quite go right so you get a little double message

The correct image for this sign is shown from a slightly different angle on Street View:

welcome to ohio sign on sr 2
Google Maps Street View

The location of the sign is the terminus of Ohio SR 2 at Indiana State Road 37 near Hicksville a bit south of the Michigan state line.

That area has another absolutely bizarre oddity. Nearby on State Line Road is a railroad crossing that appears to come out of nowhere. There are two separate rail lines but are at different grades which gives the illusion that a driver may be stopping for a trail that will safely pass overhead - but that's not the case at all. You have to see it to believe it.

State lines are always rife for oddities when traveling. You're passing between different jurisdictions with sometimes different rules and ways of doing things, so keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you might catch.

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