Dr. Colleen Smith provided The New York Times with an insider's look at the conditions inside the emergency room of a New York hospital battling COVID-19.

Today is kinda getting worse and worse. We had to get a refrigerated truck to store the bodies of patients who are dying.

The video shows what things are like for those fighting on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Smith states her hospital is running out of supplies while contradicting official statements made by the authorities.

Leaders, in various offices, from the president to the head of health and hospitals saying things like 'We're gonna be fine; everything's fine.'

And from our perspective, everything is not fine.

Lines outside the hospital are shown in the video, with a tent set up to test mildly sick patients. She also describes not having the protective equipment they should have, claims healthcare professionals are "being exposed over and over again," and states that multiple doctors and nurses have contracted the virus. Dr. Smith also states that many of the patients they are seeing are much sicker than expected.

Many of the young people who are getting sick don't smoke, they're healthy, they have no comorbidities. They're just young, regular people between the ages of 30 and 50 who you would not expect to get this sick.

She concludes the video by stating she doesn't care if she gets in trouble for speaking to the media and worries that, if the pandemic goes on as long as it did in China, hospitals won't have the resources they need to take care of their patients.

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