The Michigan Department of Education is asking educators, administrators, students, and parents to help them find the next Michigan Teacher of the Year.

The program recognizes outstanding teachers from across Michigan with one statewide winner and ten regional winners. The ten regional winners become finalists and are invited to interview with a panel that selects the statewide winner.

Last year, 550 teachers were nominated to be Michigan Teacher of the Year.

The winning teacher will:

  • serve as a spokesperson for all Michigan teachers
  • participate in monthly State Board of Education meetings
  • travel to state and national events involving Teachers of the Year from across the country
  • head the Michigan Teacher Leadership Advisory Council, which is comprised of each year’s regional winners
  • continue to work as a full-time employee their district

So it appears the winner will be in for a very busy year.

Nominations close on October 12. Fill out this form to nominate your favorite teacher.

The annual Michigan Teacher of the Year award was first given in 1952.

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