All right, let's just say it's a lot tougher to get into Canada these days because a key point into Canada from the U.S. remains closed as Canadian truckers continue to disrupt travel as a way of protesting the country's COVID-19 vaccine and testing mandates.

Trying to enter Canada via the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit is nearly impossible, Fox 17 reports from a story by Peter Maxwell on Scripps station WXYZ, since truckers continue to protest the requirement that truck drivers be vaccinated against COVID or have regular testing.

U.S. Lifts Travel Ban For Vaccinated Travelers From 33 Countries
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You can get to Detroit from Windsor but not going to Windsor from Detroit. So, what do you do. You drive all the way to Port Huron and cross at the Blue Water Bridge to Sarnia. No sweat, right? Wrong! It's a "miles" backup with at least a three hour delay. Holy Maple Leaf!

The Blue Water Bridge is a usually reliable and easier way to cross into Canada under normal circumstances. As a family, we used to do it all the time to visit family living there. They have since moved back to Michigan, thank goodness. a three-hour wait in line is not my idea of fun.

But, business wise, the Ambassador Bridge is vital to the auto industry and for trade, because nearly 8,000 trucks carry more than $323 million in goods across the bridge every single day. About $100 million of that is auto parts, engines and vehicles.

This is a perfect example of Supply Chain havoc for now because the bridge is closed for business. No one has been able to cross. So now the busiest international land border in the nation sits silent and empty, closed for business in Detroit.

U.S. Canadian Border Shut Down For All Nonessential Travel
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The bridge company is hoping there will be some resolution, but until then, there is no timeline for when the bridge may reopen to traffic on the U.S. side.


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