What will they develop next?

Now, you can get the Bible on your phone. I kid you not. 

You know when they say: "there's an app for that." Well, they mean it.

There is a Bible app now.

The New International Bible's Made to Read campaign kicks off with a new and free Bible app.

For the entire calendar year, Zondervan, partnering with Biblica and Tecarta, have created the NIV 50th Anniversary mobile app.

It provides convenient access to the world's most read Bible, with just a swipe of the finger. Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, the app provides valuable content in addition to the NIV Bible at no cost to the user.

Inside the app, users will have access to devotional and study notes from bestselling NIV Bibles. Stories and videos related to the 50th anniversary are also featured for readers to learn more about the history and development of the NIV. Each quarter, new anniversary content will be made available and the campaign's theme will change, highlighting another promise of the translation for its readers.

"The NIV was made to read from the beginning and still is today," said John Kramp, senior vice president and Bible publisher for HarperCollins Christian Publishing. "Our intent is to make God's Word easily accessible to millions through the launch of this mobile app."

The NIV 50th Anniversary mobile app is free and available here.

For additional information on the NIV 50th Anniversary, please visit www.thenivbible.com.  Or, connect with the NIV Bible on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

NIV 50-Year Anniversary (Zondervan/PR NewsFoto)
NIV 50-Year Anniversary (Zondervan/PR NewsFoto)

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