Have you seen the latest Anheuser-Busch commercial. I caught it the other day, and it's a winner.

Our news partner, WZZM, along with USAToday, reported the commercial has had more than 13 million views since it was posted on social media less than a week ago. Whoa!

The dog, "Cooper," is the star of  the new responsible-drinking commercial. Truth be known, "Cooper" isn't one dog. He's several, explains Tom Kraus, director, Budweiser. "In order to get our dogs to perform without tiring, we had a backup for the puppy and adult ages to cover for each other. In total, we worked with two 9-week-old puppies, Molly and Maverick; one adolescent 7-month-old, Dozer; and two adult 7-year-old Labs, Smith and Jones. All played their roles extremely well." Check it out.


Dogs -- perhaps even more than Clydesdales -- have become the beer maker's "gotcha" ad vehicle. It was Budweiser's soft-hearted puppy in love with a horse that won 2014's USA TODAY Super Bowl Ad Meter competition.


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