Want to play some early-morning football while wearing a hoodie?

That'll be at least a $500 fine.

Micromanaging lawmakers are off to a quick start in 2015.

Oklahoma Republican state Senator Don Barrington has proposed Senate Bill 13 which would ban the wearing of hoodies in most situations.

Masks, hoods or coverings that "conceal the identity of the wearer during the commission of a crime or for the purpose of coercion, intimidation or harassment" are already illegal.

No doubt that the most fashionable criminals are heading to other states to commit their crimes because of this law on the books.

The new law would make masks, hoods and coverings illegal even for those who are not planning illegal activity.

Why stop there?

Let's ban sunglasses and makeup. Let's require state-issued uniforms with GPS-enabled ID badges.

Where does it end?


In Minnesota, Governor Mark Dayton doesn't like morning football games. He thinks 11:00 a.m. start times are too early. Governor Dayton tells the Pioneer Press, "I'm going to propose that we pass a law that no (Division I FBS) football game in Minnesota can start before noon."

Governor Dayton says it would be good for attendance and more students would be able to tailgate since they are not awake early enough.

Sounds like an off-the-cuff remark, but this is not just a fleeting idea from Governor Dayton. He says he's been thinking of it for 10 years and keeps getting talked out of it. He also plans to talk to the other Big Ten state governors and take the idea national if there is enough interest.

Good luck.

If Governor Dayton wishes to bring his concerns to the Big Ten Conference and other schools within the conference it should be encouraged.

However, Dayton is up against big money tied into college football TV. He knows those conversations are unlikely to go the way he hopes so he wants to use his power to create a law. Seems like sour grapes/gophers.

Maybe a law creating an early curfew for Minnesota college students should be considered so they can be well-rested for tailgating. It makes just as much sense.

My advice to Minnesota students, set your alarm clock and grab a hoodie. Morning tailgates can get pretty cold.