The world was shocked by Monday's tornado disaster in Oklahoma.  It's hard for adults to understand the magnitude of the destruction caused by the tornado.

It's ever harder for kids to grasp what has happened.

Learn how the experts suggest to talk with children following the Oklahoma tornado disaster. 

Unfortunately, we've had to deal with talking to children about tragedy a lot recently.

Whatever the disaster, the ideas on how to explain it to children remain similar.

We featured some advice from The National Association of School Psychologists after the Boston Marathon bombings.  We'll offer their advice once more:

  1. Reassure children they are safe
  2. Make time to talk – the association recommends giving brief, simple information to early elementary school children; that upper elementary and early middle school children may need help separating reality from fantasy and to discuss efforts of school and community leaders to keep them safe; upper middle school and high school students may have suggestions on how to make schools safer and that parents should emphasize the role students play by following school safety guidelines.
  3. Review safety procedures
  4. Observe child’s emotional state
  5. Limit child’s viewing of news coverage
  6. Maintain normal routine

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