This weekend is the annual "Michigan's Longest Garage Sale" event across the entire state. The route runs 180 miles along US-12 from New Buffalo to Detroit.

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The event, which started in 2003, takes place the second weekend of August. This year's event runs from Friday the 13th through Sunday the 15th. For a complete listing of the participating cities and vendors, you can click HERE.

📷 Google Maps
📷 Google Maps

The US 12 Heritage Trail Garage Sale is called, “Michigan’s Longest Garage Sale!” Every year individuals clean out their attics and stake out their front yards along the US-12 corridor stretching over 180 miles from New Buffalo to Detroit.

You will find everything from antiques, collectibles, furniture, dishware, fresh garden produce, homemade jams and jellies, live entertainment and much more.

The sales can be found along the highway at homes, farms, businesses, parking lots, and fields. Some areas will have large numbers of vendors while others may be scattered.

Perhaps even more interesting than the “treasures” are the people you will meet along the way.

As you drive the country roads on your quest, you will be privy to incredible stories related to the individuals and the items they sell and see a plethora of items that only your grandmother could love.

Most importantly most come to see the unusual and socialize. It is Americana at its best.

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