One of the restaurant chains that is now part of Michigan's past is Mountain Jacks. Do you remember eating there?

Mountain Jacks had locations across the state including on Westnedge in Portage (where today's Logan's Roadhouse is) as well as Grand Rapids on 28th Street, Traverse City, Metro Detroit and more. There were as many as 21 locations of the chain before it filed for bankruptcy in 2008.

The Last Mountain Jack's?

There appears to be one Mountain Jack's location that has managed to stay open nearly a decade after the chain went out of business. It's located in Lafayette, Indiana.

The restaurant appears to have a similar menu with beef and seafood options as well as the popular cajun seasoning and a variety of sauce and topping options.

The Lafayette Mountain Jack's ranks high with a 4.5 out of 5 rating on TripAdvisor.

Classic Mountain Jack's Commercial

This television commercial for Mountain Jacks is selling a prime rib and shrimp special and shows their soup, salad and some of the side options.

One Lingering Sign of Mountain Jack's in Portage

Tucked away behind a tree along the side of Portage Road across from the Kalamazoo airport is a sign for Kiwanis International that states the group's meetings are held at Mountain Jack's Thursdays at Noon. The sign has lingered for years after the restaurant's closure.

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