‘The Breakfast Club’ princess Claire Standish may be a snob, but she’s not without her talents.  After all, she can sing!

Molly Ringwald, who, of course, played Claire in The Breakfast Club, has a new jazz album, and she tackles ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me),’ originally recorded by Simple Minds in 1985 for the cult-classic coming-of-age movie.

You may remember Molly was in town a few years ago with the national tour of "Sweet Charity."  Who knew...she was great.  Good singer and dancer and the audience had a great time.  She came on the radio show and talked about her career, little girl, and a lot more.

Molly was just recently interviewed about breaking into music and revisiting ‘The Breakfast Club,’ saying covering the iconic theme song was her idea.

“[I recorded it] really soon after [writer/director] John Hughes passed away. And he was in my mind a lot. And, I don’t know, I felt like I wanted to sing a tribute to him,” she said. “And also, I wanted to incorporate who I was into who I am.”

She also talked about how she altered the song but still kept its meaning: “It’s the same song but imagined in a different way, and more along the lines of stuff that I’m doing now. And I thought it would only be interesting if it was really, really different. And I think it’s pretty different.”  Here it is, so take a listen and see what you think.

She's right there, it’s definitely different. But maybe it finally proves once and for all that your heart doesn’t die once you grow up.

Molly’s debut album, ‘Except Sometimes,’ is on sale now.