Michigan's early winter outlook for the winter of 2023 has offered contradictory forecasts.

Some forecasters are saying the state could see a warmer winter with less snow. While other forecasts are calling for the exact opposite, "blizzard after blizzard."

So what exactly does that mean for the Christmas holiday?

Historic Holiday Time Climate in Michigan

As of this publication date in early October, it's a bit to early to get a precise forecast for the holiday season, but we can look at historical averages.

Using Grand Rapids as a base city, here's what the Weather Channel says are the averages for the end of December:

  • December 23: High 34 / Low 23
  • December 24: High 34 / Low 23
  • December 25: High 34 / Low 23

WeatherSpark also shares precipitation averages. Throughout December, there is a historic 25% chance each day of seeing precipitation, again using Grand Rapids as a base city. Given that it would likely be snowfall, that means December is a good month for snow to start to accumulate on the ground.

Based on those averages, it's certainly possible even likely we'll see a White Christmas in Michigan on any given year.

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